Music agency AuraMusica was established in the year 2014. 

She deals with the management of artists and the organisation of artistic production - concerts, festivals, parades, including the complete service. She makes also recording and production of audio and audio-visual recordings (media). 

The managing director of the company is Regina Šmídová. Graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, she worked in the foreign trade, later in the the Slovak and Czech publishing journals, translating from the German, serbo-croat and Slovak languages. She is a teacher of these languages. In 1993, she founded and 10 years participated in the leadership of the publishing house Clarton (publishing of recordings with classical music, books), in recording of concerts and original music recordings, in organisation of concerts and special purpose musical productions. 

For many years she also worked as the head secretary of the Protestant Church of Czuech Brethren with the responsibility a.o. for external contacts, too, which made her possible to travel to many European countries and overseas, and advertise there her own country.


The artistic director of the company is Ilja Šmíd. Scientist of music (graduate of the FF UK) and music manager. Currently is co-worker of the broadcast station Vltava of the Czech Radio and lecturer at the Department of Arts Management at the University of Economics in Prague.

In the years 1994-2006 he was director of the Prague Philharmonia, in the years 2006-2012 he was the director of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK, then for two years the chief of the Opera of the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen and dramaturg of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra in Prague. 

In the years 1993-2001 he was the co-owner of the publishing house Clarton, ten years he was the chairman of the Association of symphony orchestras and choirs in the Crech Republic. In the years 2004-2007 he organized the four editions of the festival Prague Music Festival.






Koncerty se konají v Tereziánském sále Břevnovského kláštera a v kostele Církve československé husitské, Wuchterlova 5, Praha 6.


Vstupenky v cenách 150 Kč (pro seniory a mládež) a 250 Kč lze zakoupit v Informační kanceláři MČ Praha 6, Bělohorská 110, ve Fortně Břevnovského kláštera a v Centru zdraví Sluníčko, Wuchterlova 14, Praha 6 (pro koncerty v kostele ve Wuchterlově ul.).


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